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Letters of Rec & Transcripts

If you plan to apply to private universities you will likely need a counselor letter of recommendation and an official transcript. (NOTE: The CSU's and UC's do NOT need either unless requested by the university) See instructions below on how to obtain a counselor letter of recommendation.     

Requests for Letter of Recommendation


If you need a letter of recommendation, please provide a minimum of 4 weeks notice - keeping in mind that that does not include breaks. The following steps need to be completed by the student only.


1. Fill out the Brag Sheet (attached below)


2. Complete the Letter of Recommendation request form and upload your brag sheet by the deadline listed.


3. You will then be notified who was assigned to write your letter. Do NOT input the counselor email on the Common App until you hear from us.


4. Waive your FERPA Rights - Waiving your right informs colleges that you will not read your letter of recommendation later on. 


5. Student's may be called in by Mrs. Perez or Mrs. Wong for an interview so we can get to know you better.


Deadlines for Counselor Recommendation
  • Jan 1-8 deadline: submit Letter of Rec request form by December 1, 2023
  • Jan 15 deadline: submit Letter of Rec request form by December 11, 2023
Please keep in mind that we will be off from December 22 - January 7. 




1) Sign up on

2) If you went to more than one high school contact admissions if they require transcripts from all high schools attended

3) Send your Official Final Transcript to the school you will be attending by June 1. When ordering select "hold for grades” box and final transcript will be sent.  




Additional Notes 

*UCs and CSU's do not require a transcript at the beginning or middle of senior year (unless requested by the university)


*The first two official parchment transcripts are free