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The Huntington Beach Union High School District seeks to promote mutual respect, civility, and orderly conduct among district employees, parents and the public. This policy is not intended to deprive any person of his/her right to freedom of expression but only to maintain, to the extent possible and reasonable, a safe, harassment-free workplace for our students and staff. In the interest of presenting district employees as positive role models to the children of this district, as well as in the community, the Huntington Beach Union High School District encourages positive communication and discourages volatile, hostile or aggressive actions. The district seeks public cooperation with this endeavor. (continue reading complete policy)



To ensure safety and encourage an environment focused on learning, it is expected that all students attending FVHS will maintain an appropriate appearance for school. In every case, the dress and grooming of a student shall not cause actual distraction from or disturbance in any school activity or actually interfere with the participation of a student in any school activity, create a hazard to the safety of self or others, and/or create a health hazard. Clothes shall be sufficient to conceal undergarments at all times.

Garments with profane, suggestive language or with double meanings of lewdness, obscenity, violence, vulgarity, or that advertise unlawful services or products to minors may not be worn. Clothing/apparel containing symbols, or pictures and/or slogans oriented toward degrading or discriminating against a person’s culture, race, gender, sex, religion, or ethnicity are not permitted.

Students with distracting clothing, hairstyles, accessories and/or makeup will be asked to make modifications in their appearance. Students are expected to adhere to the following guidelines when selecting clothes for school:

• Straps must be wide enough to cover undergarments.



• The midsection of the body must be covered at all times. No bare midriffs.


• Examples of unacceptable upper garments include: brief garments such as jogging, halter, crop, tube, or see-through tops, spaghetti straps, bandeaus, plunging necklines (front and back), cut up clothing, bathing suits and strapless or backless garments.



• Pants and shorts must fit snugly around the waist. Sagging pants or shorts showing undergarments are unacceptable.

• Belts may be worn but need to tucked into loops at all times.
• Skirts must be no shorter than 5 inches above the knee.
• Shorts must have at least 3 inches of inseam.
• Examples of unacceptable lower garments include: chains, initials, or hanging belts of any kind, cut up clothing, ultra-miniskirts/shorts, jogging/dance shorts, swimsuits, low-waist bottoms.
• Shoes with protective soles must be worn at all times.
• Steel-toed shoes are prohibited.
• Hats may be worn outdoors only and may not include profanity, nudity, drug or alcohol references or are not compliant with FVHS standards.
• Sunglasses are allowed for sun protection outdoors only.
• Jewelry, accessories and wallet chains, which present a safety hazard, are not permitted. This includes accessories with metal studs and/or chains.
Students dressed inappropriately for school will be required to modify their appearance or change into clothing provided by the Supervision office for the remainder of the school day. Chronic offenders will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the school discipline policy. [Updated 6/2017]
1. The student shall respect the right of free expression, the dignity and the integrity of other students, teachers, and support staff.
2. Before, during and after examination, the student shall use only those materials allowed by the teacher or those made available to all students by the teacher.

3. The student shall respect another student’s right to privacy of materials, tests, and property.

4. The student shall behave in an honorable way so as not to either acquire or provide an unfair advantage over fellow students or to hinder other students’ progress.

5. The student, when doing research assignments, shall give proper credit (footnotes, citations, and/or bibliography in compliance with the teacher’s instructions) to those sources used, in order to avoid plagiarism.

6. The student will give proper credit and citations to information obtained through the internet.

7. The student will refrain from utilizing technology such as hand-held computers, cell phones, digital cameras, calculators, and recording devices in unauthorized ways on academic assignments and exams.

8. The student will provide true and accurate information to school officials when asked, and will refrain from falsification of school records through forgery, impersonation or other means.

Detentions will be issued by your teachers only

▪ 1st and 2nd tardy each semester are freebies
▪ 3rd tardy – call home or email from teacher
▪ 4th tardy – a detention (all detentions must be served within 3 days)
▪ 5th tardy – detention assigned and student conference with Supervision AP.
                 Off campus lunch pass will be revoked until or unless conditions defined by AP are met.

▪ 6th tardy – detention issued
▪ 7th tardy – student is sent to Supervision office.
▪ Saturday school will be assigned and must be served on date specified.
▪ 8th tardy – detention, behavior contract, and parent conference
▪ 9th tardy – Saturday School assigned
                 Student must serve Saturday school on date specified.
                 Parents must also attend the first 15 minutes of Saturday school.
▪ 10th tardy – further consequences including possible drop from class, revocation of Off Campus Lunch Pass for the remainder of the year, etc.