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Dress Code

Dress Code

So, it’s Back-to-School clothes shopping time.  Well, before you (or your parents/kids) go on a wild shopping frenzy, please keep in mind the FVHS dress code.  The vast majority of our students dress appropiately for school, but we still see violations on a daily basis. Here are some of the more common violations. This is not a complete list.

Typical Dress Code Violations:

Boys (please don’t wear these):

  • Tanks tops or sleeveless shirts
  • Shirts or backpacks with guns or other weapons as artwork
  • Bandanas (on head or in pocket)
  • Chains or metal studded jewelry
  • Steel toed shoes/boots
  • Sagging Pants
  • Non-FVHS hats

Girls (please don’t wear these):

  • Shirts, tops or blouses that show cleavage
  • Tops, blouses with thin straps, one strap or no straps
  • Tops that are too short and do not meet pants/skirts.
  • Shorts/skirts that are too short (please, no exposure when bending) Shorts and skirts should extend to fingertips when arms are at your sides.
  • Low rise pants that expose rear end when seated
  • Yoga pants or tight workout clothes (these are often unknowingly see-through)

Regarding Hats and Beanies: We still want any hat or beanie to have a proper FVHS logo (FV, Baron Head, etc) and no other logo. We will not accept plain hats or beanies, but we request a commitment to belonging to the Baron family. Logo patches can be purchased at activities and sewn onto any clothing. Hats and beanies are sold through various booster organizations at games and events. Special sales events will be held periodically. We LOVE our students and staff to wear their Baron gear!!

Messages and images: Please do not display any messages related to drugs, alcohol, weapons, foul language or sexual content (direct of implied). Please refrain from wearing items that are rude, distasteful or denigrating towards any group of people based on ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion or other protected class.

We have one of the most relaxed dress codes in the area, but we still want students to look like they are at school and not in a gang or at the beach, dance club or fitness center.  For the full dress code, please see your Parent-Student Handbook and /or see the link to the Handbook under the Student tab.