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Marci McLean-Crawford, M.Ed., RN » COVID Protocol

COVID Protocol

Day 0 = 1st Day of Symptoms or Positive Test (whichever is first)
Day 5 = Earliest day to retest 
Day 6 = Earliest day to retest at school/return to school with a negative test 
Day 10 = Last day of isolation
Day 11 = Return date if no retest or keep testing +

A person is considered to be "with COVID-19" if the person has:

  • Received a positive COVID-19 result from test that has been approved/authorized by the FDA; AND/OR
  • Exhibits symptoms of COVID-19; AND
  • Has known exposure to an individual with COVID-19.
All Extracurriculars are off limits until quarantine/isolation is met. All CIF athletes that test positive MUST have a doctor note to allow them back to participate in their sport.  
If your student is sent home with any of the symptoms listed below, these are the procedures you should follow:
Vaccine Proof or Test Results
Did you test positive for COVID? Please let Nurse Marci know by filling this form out:
Those positive within 90 days of a close contact event are not required to quarantine. Please send us proof of positive test so we know for future events.