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School Policies » Tardies


Detentions will be issued by your teachers only.

▪ 1st and 2nd tardy each semester are freebies
▪ 3rd tardy – call home or email from teacher
▪ 4th tardy – a detention (all detentions must be served within 3 days)
▪ 5th tardy – detention assigned and student conference with Supervision AP.
                 Off campus lunch pass will be revoked until or unless conditions defined by AP are met.

▪ 6th tardy – detention issued
▪ 7th tardy – student is sent to Supervision office.
▪ Saturday school will be assigned and must be served on date specified.
▪ 8th tardy – detention, behavior contract, and parent conference
▪ 9th tardy – Saturday School assigned
                 Student must serve Saturday school on date specified.
                 Parents must also attend the first 15 minutes of Saturday school.
▪ 10th tardy – further consequences including possible drop from class, revocation of Off Campus Lunch Pass for the remainder of the year, etc.