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Scholarship Opportunities
The AJ Wang Foundation Scholarship Fund targets graduating high school seniors each year by providing financial resources for at least two consecutive years for students attending a selected community college in the designated Southern California area.
The scholarship is eligible for tuition, school fees, books, supplies, housing, and/or transportation.
Depending on the student’s progress towards completion of a degree, program, or certification, as well as academic standing, a student may qualify for a third year of funding. Students who transfer to a 4-year institution of higher learning within two years of their community college career and meeting eligibility shall receive a final award towards their 4-year career.
Students must provide proof demonstrating progress, including transcripts and registration. The application can be found here.
Targeted Colleges
The AJ Wang Foundation Scholarship Fund has supported the following community colleges:
  • Cerritos College
  • Coastline Community College
  • East Los Angeles College
  • Glendale College
  • Long Beach College
  • Los Angeles City College
  • Los Angeles Harbor College
  • Los Angeles Mission College
  • Los Angeles Pierce College
  • Los Angeles Southwest College
  • Los Angeles Trade-Tech College
  • Los Angeles Valley College
  • Moorpark College
  • Oxnard College
  • Pasadena City College
  • Santa Monica College
  • Ventura College
  • West Los Angeles College

Grants / Scholarships Vs. Loans - What is the difference?



Free money from schools or the government, based on financial need, you do NOT have to pay them back. 



Free money from schools or independent providers, usually based on some eligibility requirements and an application, you do NOT have to pay them back. 



Provide you with money to pay for college, buy you must pay them back after you graduate, with interest. 



Where do I find Scholarships?