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Dual/Concurrent Enrollment








Students will need approval from Mrs. Wong in order to register for courses! 

Dual Enrollment Vs. Concurrent Enrollment - What's the Difference? 



Dual Enrollment: 


GWC will have select classes at HBUHSD schools in person.


Dual Enrollment Is an agreed partnership between the high school and college where the student will earn both high school and college credit.


HBUHSD currently only has an agreed partnership with selected classes at Golden West College (GWC) The agreed classes will be on both the FVHS transcript and community college transcript.


Concurrent Enrollment:


HBUHSD students can continue to take regular GWC classes online or on the college campus and earn high school and college credit for free. ONLY approved classes on the attached flyer are 100% FREE for HBUHSD students!


Note: OCC, IVC, etc. do not have partnerships with the HBUHSD. If a student chooses to take a class at OCC, students will earn college credit only.   




How many credits will students earn?  


With the exception of health, students will earn 10 credits (1 year) on the high school transcript. Students will earn 5 credits for health (1 semester).  

Will these classes be in person or virtual?


In person & Virtual


Are there pre-reqs for Math and Science?

Bio: There are no prerequisites for Biology

Chem: Students should complete Biology and Algebra 1

Stats: Completion of Alg2Trig 

Precalc: Completion of Alg2Trig

Calc: Completion of Precalc

Are these courses A-G approved to meet UC/CSU eligibility requirements?



How many classes can I take?


Students are limited to 11 units in the Fall & Spring and 8 units in the Summer. 


Can I drop a GWC Dual Enrollment Class?

Yes. Please follow the GWC protocol to drop the class. Students can drop their course through the MyGWC site. 


If I don't pass the GWC Dual Enrollment Class will the “D/F” grade be recorded on my FVHS Transcript?


Yes. Please follow the GWC drop protocol before the deadline to drop a course. The drop deadline is usually 10 days after Fall and Spring courses and 1 week after the start date of the summer courses.