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Community College (During High School)

For students who wish to take a community college class while in high school please read the information below. 


Dual Enrollment: Is an agreed partnership between the high school and college where the student will earn both high school and college credit. HBUHSD currently has an agreed partnership with selected classes at Golden West College (GWC) The agreed classes (listed in that PDF below) will be on both the FVHS transcript and community college transcript. Students will need to apply on GWC's website (here) and the release form. See detailed instructions below. 


Concurrent Enrollment: All high school students are allowed to take a college class and earn college credit for free. However, HBUHSD will not put concurrent enrollment classes on the HBUHSD transcript. Other classes at GWC that are not on the Dual Enrollment list are considered concurrent enrollment (fill out the "Special Part-Time Enrollment Form" below in addition to applying to the school). OCC, IVC etc do not have Dual Enrollment partnerships, therefore students can earn the credit and use it when they transfer to a university.

Currently, HBUSHD only has a contractual Dual Enrollment agreement with GWC. The courses below will allow barons to earn both high school and college credit.
We do NOT have a Dual Enrollment Contract with OCC. If a student chooses to take a class at OCC, students will earn college credit only.   


Submit your GWC Application and Concurrent Enrollment Release Form early to be ready to enroll. The application and registration steps for high school students are outlined HERE.



The application and registration steps are outlined here. For more information click on the powerpoint/flyers on the right side of the screen for more details. 



Important Dates

GWC hosts online info session

GWC staff are available online every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon from 12-3pm to provide help in real time. Students can find the Zoom link here: GWC Dual Enrollment Help Desk

GWC Fall semester begins

August 30th


Contact Info

Office of Guided Pathways & Dual Enrollment
Phone: (714) 892-7711

Fall 2021 Schedule

GWC Fall Dual Enrollment FAQ

How many credits will students earn?  

With the exception of health, students will earn 10 credits (1 year) on the high school transcript. Students will earn 5 credits for health (1 semester).  

Will these classes be in person or virtual?


Which GWC US History Class is equivalent to FVHS US History?

Students may take either Hist G170 or Hist G175. Each class is equivalent to 10 high school credits. Only one class is needed to satisfy the FVHS US History Requirement.  

Will PSCI G180 American Government Fulfill the FVHS Gov Class? What class does the student to pair with Economics?

Yes, it will. However, please keep in mind in a traditional high school schedule Government is paired with Economics. Each are a semester long. If a student takes that GWC class, he/she will still need to take Economics to fulfill graduation requirements. Students can choose to be a student aid/peer tutor during the semester he/she is not taking Economics.

Can any grade level take ENG G100? And what credit would be earned?

This class is recommended for current Juniors. Students will earn 10 credits of Senior English.   

Are there pre-reqs for Math and Science?

These classes are open access; however, the following preparation is highly recommended for successful completion of the course. 

Bio: There are no prerequisites for Biology

Chem: Students should complete Biology and Algebra 1

Stats: Completion of Alg2Trig 

Precalc: Completion of Alg2Trig

Calc: Completion of Precalc

Are these courses A-G approved to meet UC/CSU eligibility requirements?


What do students do if they complete a GWC Dual Enrollment course that also fulfills a FVHS class?

Students are welcome to take other elective courses that they would not have otherwise fit into their schedule.  

Can students take more than 8 credits for GWC Dual Enrollment?

No. If a student is looking at a class that it 5 credits and 4 credits the student can either choose two 4 credit classes or take either the 4 credit or 5 credit class. 


Can I drop a GWC Dual Enrollment Class?
Yes. Please follow the GWC protocol to drop the class. Students can drop their course through the MyGWC site. 


If I don't pass the GWC Dual Enrollment Class will the “D/F” grade be recorded on my FVHS Transcript?

Yes. Please follow the GWC drop protocol before the deadline to drop a course. The drop deadline is usually 1 week after the start date of the summer course.