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Activities » Homecoming 2021

Homecoming 2021

We are now allowing

guests to come to our Homecoming dance on Saturday October 9th, 2021 here on

campus. With that being said, please carefully read the important information below

regarding the guest process and other information:

  1. Guests

If a guest wants to attend our Homecoming Dance, a guest dance contract must be on file prior to purchasing a ticket from the activities office. Students can pick up a hard copy of the contract at the supervision window at Fountain Valley High School, or they can download the contract here. The Guest Dance Contract must be filled out in its entirety and must be filled out by a parent/guardian and must include the following information (this is listed below but also on the Guest Dance Contract):


  • A photocopy of the guest's identification
  • An administrator's signature in the space provided on the contract. A business

card is required of the administrator if the high school is outside HBUHSD.

  • Proper signatures from: guest, guest's parent, and guest's high school


  • Guests must be of high school age or no older than 20. Middle school students

are not eligible to attend.



Once the form is filled out in its entirety, the form MUST BE SUBMITTED TO THE

SUPERVISION WINDOW at Fountain Valley High School. The supervision staff will

screen the contract and stamp it for approval to purchase a ticket at the activities office.


The stamp IS REQUIRED to purchase a ticket at the activities office. NO EXCEPTIONS!


  1. Prices:
  • Wednesday October 6th, 2021- FLASH SALE (CASH ONLY) $25.00 per ticket

(Guest may not purchase a flash sale ticket)

  • All Guest ticket prices will be $35.00.
  • Thursday October 7th and Friday October 8th, 2021- ($30.00 per ticket with an

ASB/SB, $35.00 per ticket without an ASB/SB)

  • Saturday October 9th, 2021- At door ticket sales (only offered to FVHS students,



  1. Ferris Wheel Permission Slip

There will be a ferris wheel at our Homecoming Dance. A permission slip is required to

Ride. Download the Ferris Wheel Permission Slip, print it out, and have a parent/guardian sign it. The Ferris Wheel Permission slips will be collected at check-in at the dance only. (HARDCOPIES ONLY NO ELECTRONIC VERSIONS/PHOTOS WILL BE ACCEPTED) and students will be issued a bracelet signifying they are able to ride the ferris wheel. This applies to the guests as well. No hardcopy permission slip, no ferris wheel.

  1. Security/Safety

There will be a Fountain Valley Police Department presence the entire duration of the

dance. There will also be supervision staff, teacher volunteer chaperones, and the

administrative team there the entire duration of the event. Students may be subjected to

search, wanded, and breathalyzed upon entry to the dance. Keep in the mind the entire

dance will be fenced in with a one way in, one way out direction. Students may leave

the dance at any time, however, MAY NOT REENTER THE DANCE once they leave.

We want all students to have fun with safety as a #1 priority.

  1. Dance Times:

The official dance time is from 6pm-10pm on Saturday October 9th, 2021. Check-in

begins at 5:45pm. The check in process will begin outside the roller gate in the north

side of the student parking lot. Once students are checked in, they will proceed to the

tennis courts where the dance will be held. The ferris wheel will be located on the

blacktop basketball courts. As a reminder, the entire dance will be fenced in with a one

way in, one way out direction.

  1. Masking

Per CDPH, if the Homecoming event reaches over 1000 people, masks will be required

for all guests.

Thank you!