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Course Requests for 20-21

Course requests extended to June 1


Greetings to all, present and future, Barons!  We know this is an exciting and even nerve-wracking time!  To help in this process, the deadline for all course requests for all students has been extended to June 1st.  Students will be able to request changes (if applicable) to their course requests up until the August in-person registration dates.  Take a deep breath and if you have questions about classes, please contact your Guidance Specialist (emails below).

  • Student last names A-Gom - Mr. Walters -
  • Student last names Gon-M - Mrs. Gonzalez -
  • Student last names N - Rod - Ms. Doan -
  • Student last names Ru - Z - Ms. Soltis -



To ensure that all students have their courses selected for next year, we are moving to an online process for each grade level.


The window for sign-ups will be open beginning today, Thursday, March 26 and will close on Monday, June 1 at midnight.


We realize that a valuable part of this process is the ability to meet with your guidance specialist. Unfortunately, that option is not possible at this time. However, please do not hesitate to reach out to your guidance specialist. Find their info below.


How to make your course requests for next year:


1. Review the Course Request worksheet for the grade you will be

next year: 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th.


Then review the FVHS Course Guide for course descriptions and other

information, including department recommendations in selecting courses for next year.

If you're interested in signing up for after school ROP classes, please sign up here.



2. Review how to enter your course requests using your student Aeries account:

By video:



3. After watching the video and when you are ready to pick your classes, log into your student Aeries account at

Note: Some students may have course requests entered already. Course requests may be changed by the student. However, final course placement will be determined by multiple measures including teacher comments, test scores, and grades in previous coursework.


Your Guidance Team is here to help you out!!

guidance team


Guidance Specialists - Graduation reqs, class schedules, general guidance

  • Mr. Walters - student last names A - Gom -
  • Mrs. Gonzalez - student last names Gon - M - 
  • Ms. Doan - student last names N - Ro - 
  • Ms. Soltis - student last names Ru - Z - 


College & Career Specialist - all things college, SAT/ACT tests, general guidance

  • Ms. Yu -


ROP Career Specialist - ROP classes, career stuff, CTE classes, general guidance

  • Ms. Sanders -


School Counselor - Credit make-up, summer school, general guidance

  • Mrs. Wong - 


School Registrar - School Records, diplomas, GPA stuff, general guidance

  • Mrs. Wakeman - 


Student Support Psychologist - Healthy mental practices, 504 Plans, stress

  • Ms. Olaya -